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A Maternal Journey of Love & Care for The Quintessential Woman

My Queen is a prenatal & postpartum care center that seeks to empower our quintessential women

A Maternal Journey of Love & Care for
The Quintessential Woman

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Postpartum Care

My Queen takes a women-centric approach towards prenatal and postpartum care that blends modern evidence-based knowledge with traditional cultural practices that are anchored to the needs of a Woman’s maternal health and wellbeing. Our maternal care journey is an experience of comfort that appeal to the modern needs of a Quintessential Woman.

​What We Provide

My Queen believes in a maternal care journey that starts as soon as a Quintessential Woman knows of her pregnancy. Motherhood journey is challenging and yet rewarding for a Woman. Research has also shown that in the first year of motherhood, women undergo intense emotional and psychological changes. We seek to provide the Environment, Experience and Education for Women to prioritise self –care; and to adjust to the intricacies of the new journey. We will partner with the women and support them beyond the first month of a baby’s arrival.



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My Queen is a haven of tranquility surrounded by nature and rustic earth to aid rejuvenation and recovery for new mothers. 


Experience our delicate quality care from our team, championed by nursing leaders specialising in maternal and infant care. 


Our education focuses on mental wellness and we endeavor to build a support network to empower Women in their journey as Mums. 

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Postpartum Care Centre

Join Our 28 day 

Our mothers will relax and recharge at resort island, Sentosa. They can enjoy waking up to the birds chirping while basking in the sun. The vast space and lush greenery helps to soothe our mothers’ emotions

Our new mothers will recuperate under our qualified care team, supervised by our lead nurses, each with over 40 years of nursing experience.

Our new mothers will receive evidence-based information, as we collaborate with Nanyang Polytechnic to design curriculum to debunk myths.


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