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Experience compassionate and comprehensive postnatal care with us, supporting your postpartum journey to recovery and well-being after childbirth.


Postpartum Care Center

Mother being guided by nursing leader to feed baby its milk bottle

Guided by nursing leaders with over 40 years of experience and a dedicated lactation consultant, our mothers will receive exceptional care and nutritious meals planned by our dietitian. You can also participate in specially designed maternal-focused activities and workshops to enrich their experience.

Our mothers will find relaxation and rejuvenation at the resort island of Sentosa, waking up to birds chirping and basking in the sun. The expansive greenery and serene environment help soothe their emotions.

Sentosa Sensoryscape
Nursing leader teaching mother about baby care

At My Queen, we combine modern knowledge from maternal-infant experts with traditional cultural wisdom, emphasizing parental bonding and emotional well-being for a comprehensive approach to maternal and infant care.

Pick from our selection of packages, crafted to suit your needs, whether it's quick assistance during emergencies or complete postpartum care. Our options range from 3-day quick support to 28-day full-service support for you and your little one.

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23 Beach View, Palawan Ridge

Sentosa Island Singapore 098679


Tel: +65 8028 8186

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