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Regular Breast Massage In Breastfeeding Journey

Just a simple massage technique can help mummies in there breast feeding journey. Who knew a simple touch can actually be a source of happiness ? Full breasts, Happy baby! Happy mama!

Easy and simple technique to boost milk supply

  • Be calm and relaxed, ensure you are comfortable

  • Apply a warm compress over the breast before the massage. This helps to stimulate your breasts and help with milk flow.

  • Massage your breast with your finger pads from the outer edge of the breast towards the areola with circular movement.

  • Stroke from the top and base of your breast towards the nipple with your finger pads before the expression

  • Shake breast gently to loosen the milk ducts

Why Breast massage is important?

It helps warm up the breast and clears up the milk ducts to allow the milk to flow better. thereby preventing

  • Breast Engorgement: Breast massage can aid in the emptying process softening the breast tissue to make nursing easier and more effective

  • Clogged Ducts: are painful and frequent nursing, and breast massage can help unclog blocked ducts and prevent mastitis


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