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Postpartum Care Center

Why Women need Postpartum Care ? 


New Chapter - Motherhood

Motherhood can be a daunting and exhaustive experience, especially with the arrival of a new baby. Postpartum care at My Queen is thus focused on maximizing personal health and wellbeing post-delivery and equips new mothers with the knowledge needed to cope with the overwhelming challenges that may arise.

Mother and new born
Mother and baby


Postpartum Body

Pregnancy can indeed be a stressful event for the mother’s body, and it must be given time and space to rejuvenate. With a focus on restoring the body to a healthy, fit, and confident state, our care center grants mothers this very space of recovery by not only providing nutritious meals, but by suggesting appropriate exercise plans as well.


Postpartum Support

With the stresses and anxieties of pregnancy, childbirth, and the new maternal role taken on by mothers, hormonal changes post-delivery may result in emotional issues such as “baby blues”. To cope with these challenges, our care team will support mothers in imparting skills to do with baby care, breastfeeding, nutrition, immunization, and psychological well-being.

Mother and new born
Benefits for postpartum care
Breast Feeding

While breastfeeding is a beautiful and intimate process that feeds babies their ideal milk for growth, it can still be a challenging physical experience for mothers. Postpartum care at My Queen will provide the support needed for these mothers to grow more confident in the process.

Mother and new born
Physical Recovery

The postpartum period may involve many physical and emotional conditions such as constipation, urinary incontinence, fatigue, “baby blues”, and more. Postpartum care at our center helps new mothers to identify these changes, and to overcome them with the proper care, treatment, and exercise required.

Mother and new born
Emotional Recovery

New mothers may understandably experience low self-esteem, anxiety, and low moods in their new and challenging role. Postpartum care provides mothers the emotional support and knowledge essential in prioritizing their self-care in their personal journeys of recovery.

Hearty Meal
Nutritious Meals

Our postpartum center plans healthy, balanced, and nutritious diets for mothers with our nutritionist. In doing so, they may receive adequate rest and heal effectively, and in turn produce sufficient milk for their babies as well. Overall, the well-being of the mothers is taken care of.

New born baby
Help with
Newborn Care

Caring for a new baby can be daunting, particularly when it involves understanding their needs when they fuss, cry, and need feeding. We prepare new mothers for the responsibilities and requirements to meet these needs, such as in basic baby care and breastfeeding, so that they may focus on cherishing every moment with their babies.

Hearty Meal
Debunk Myths

For generations, mothers from various cultures have followed traditional confinement practices that are often too restrictive, rigorous, and even bizarre for present-day mothers to adhere to. We do not only seek to debunk such myths, but to empower mothers with evidence-based knowledge that enables them to make valuable decisions that prioritize their own recovery.

Why our center?

Located in the tranquil and revitalizing ambiance of Sentosa, our center offers an idyllic setting for new mothers to unwind and recharge. We are nestled close to major maternal hospitals and medical centers. Championed by two nursing leaders, each with more than forty years of experience in maternal and infant care, mothers and infants will receive exemplary care round the clock. With our collaboration with Nanyang Polytechnic, our mothers will be equipped with evidence-based knowledge so that they may take care of their babies and themselves. We pride ourselves as the ideal trusted partner for quintessential women as they embark on their own maternal journey past the baby’s first month.

Vast Island, Sentosa

  • 500 hectares southern island away from the city hustle 

  • Lush greenery & vast space for you to recuperate

  • Hotel room with 24hr reception at your service 

  • Housekeeping of your room is provided 

  • Complimentary carpark for your family car

  • Complimentary internet access in room  

  • My Queen’s premise is                      certified, national mark of excellence for environmental public hygiene.

  • Nestled close to major maternal hospitals and medical centers.

SG Clean
Image by Madison Bracaglia

Mental and Emotional

Oasia Spa
  • Bilingual care team, championed by experienced nurse leaders

  • Round the clock care for both mummy and baby

  • Lactation consultation at scheduled time

  • Postnatal Massage

  • Complimentary transfer from hospital and back to home

  • A spectrum of complimentary activities and workshops such as Yoga, Scented Soap Making, Tote Bag painting, Pryce Tea appreciation, Soy Wax Candle Making and etc for your stay (See March - April 2024 activities)


Evidence Based Information

My Queen's Experience
  • Collaborate with Nanyang Polytechnic to design maternal focused curriculum for mothers 

  • Educational workshops to guide new parents in baby care

  • Lactation consultant to coach on breastfeeding posture

  • Nutritional meals planned by dietician to promote healthy eating

  • Build a community of woman support group

  • Debunk confinement myths that are stressful to new mothers

Hearty Meal
Mother and New born
New born
Join Our 28 day Programme

Our mothers will relax and recharge at resort island, Sentosa. They can enjoy waking up to the birds chirping while basking in the sun. The vast space and lush greenery helps to soothe our mothers’ emotions

Our new mothers will recuperate under our qualified care team, supervised by our lead nurses, each with over 40 years of nursing experience.

Our new mothers will receive evidence-based information, as we collaborate with Nanyang Polytechnic to design curriculum to debunk myths.

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