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Oasia Spa Mssage & Cryo Facial

Oasia Spa Mssage & Cryo Facial


Retreat into tranquillity and peace, and emerge transformed with balanced body, mind and spirit. Within our healing space, holistic wellness experiences melt away the tensions of modern life, awakening your lifeforce. renew you inside and out.


We are also dedicated to equiping you with the knowledge of how to care for your own wellbeing. Join our educational and fun workshops led by established wellness practitioners and topic experts.


These sessions are kept intimate for a more personalised experience. When you leave our care, you will be energised to carry on your journey, wherever life may lead you.

  • Oasia Spa Massage

    1x Oasia Spa Massage - Therapeutic massage techniques ease the tension in your body and mind, while specially crafted massage oils nourish your skin. Choose one - Oasia Signature Maasage/Post-natal Massage / Aromatic Body Massage / Detox Bamboo Massage – partnering with leading organic skincare expert KOTOSHINA

  • Cryo Facial

    1x Cryo Facial - This purifying facial is suitable for all skin types and helps with almost any skin condition. Powerful cryotherapy makes use of cold temperature technology to cool the skin. This helps to shrink pores and tighten skin.

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