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OUR PASSION is to change the world of snacking by encouraging people to eat well & live well, yet not compromising on the indulgence. GREENDAY products are made from 100% real fruits & vegetables from local farms in Thailand. All-natural & delicious guilt-free indulgence for everyone: Snack on-the-go for the busy parents with their kids, or as a healthy snack for all adults.● Halal Certified ● Plant-based ● No Preservatives ● Gluten Free & No Big-8 Allergens (milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and soybean) | except Fusion range.

SUSTAINABILITY – FARMING INITIATIVES We aim to improve lives, not just that of our consumers but the lives of the farming communities we touch. We drive communal farming programmes; help educate our local Thailand farmers & suppliers in sustainable farming techniques to avoid damaging the ecosystem. We also ensure that they get a higher income as a result for the growing demand for their produce.

PRODUCTION METHODS Using only the freshest & best quality produce, we capitalize on break-through food technology to create a range of ethically produced natural snacks at their best. 100% of the nutrition remains intact in our fruits & vegetables.

GREENDAY KIDS RANGE  includes mini-packs with 9 flavours of fruits/veggies that are presented in smaller pieces (sliced fruits/veggies), so that it's suitable and easier for the kids (aged 12 months & up) to eat without risk of choking. These mini-packs are suitable for their school lunch-box or snack-time.

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