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6 Helpful Tips For Dads With Newborns

Calling all dads! Want to be involved in helping out with your newborn but don't know what to do or where to start? Sister Susan has come up with 6 helpful tips for dads.

1. Singing to Baby

Dads can try to pick one or two unique songs and sing them to the unborn child often during pregnancy. Once the child is born, Dads can continue to sing the special song to the baby.

Dads can attempt the neck nestle and put your baby's head against your voice box on the front of your neck and tuck it into the space between your jaw and chest. Dads can try singing your child's favorite song to them. A baby hears through the vibration of their skull bones in addition to their eardrums. A male voice has a greater vibration and a low, repetitive pitch that is ideal for calming a newborn.

2. Skin-to-Skin

The advantages of skin-to-skin contact, include control of body temperature, relief from stress, stabilization of blood sugar, release of oxytocin (the love hormone), comfort, and security.

Dads should hold their newborns close to their skin. The rhythm of a dad's heartbeat and the up-and-down rhythm of his breathing movements, along with rhythmically rubbing the infant on the back, is proven to frequently calm a fussy baby.

3. Baby Wearing

Carrying your baby in a sling while strolling will help your baby fall asleep due to the warmth, breathing, and heartbeat rhythm of the dad.

4. Enjoy a father-baby dance

It is encouraged for dads to hold their baby safely and securely, perhaps even in the neck nestle, and dance to a rhythm that works for both, accompanied by gentle humming.

5. Try using the Football Hold (Tiger in a tree)

Hold your baby with their legs and arms on either side of your arm, stomach down and then hold their buttock and lower body with your other hand while maintaining the baby's head lying on the crease of your elbow. Gently sway your baby while uttering "shushing" noises. This position aids in relieving gas and colic discomfort and calming the infant.

6. Use background noise – “white noise”

The infant is reminded by "white noises" of the "whooshes" and "gurgles" produced by the mother's uterine circulation and heartbeat while she is pregnant. Dads can try installing "white noise" apps that play background sounds like rains, ocean waves, and waterfalls.

Background noise produced by the exhaust fan, hair dryer, tumble drier, or washing machine is also deemed beneficial.


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