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Breastfeeding Dads Are Possible

Did you know that there is a device in the market called The Father’s Nursing Assistant? It is a wearable device that resembles a woman’s breast and is equipped with a tank for milk. The device allows our fathers to feed babies as mothers would, and will promote skin-to-skin contact between fathers and infants.

Sister Susan shared on an incident when she was working in Australia. One of their little patients could not be breastfed as the mother was not able to visit due to her medical condition. The baby has been tube fed to avoid nipple confusion.

However, the baby’s dad really wanted his baby to experience breastfeeding. So, we asked him if he would want to try using the supplemental nursing system on himself. The nursing system, similar to The Father’s Nursing Assistant, consists of a container that is worn on a cord around the neck, and has a tube that carries the milk from the container to the tip, which will be taped to the dad’s nipple.

The dad decided to give it a go and was taught the proper breastfeeding position to adopt. Soon, his baby suckled on his nipple and the milk flowed through the tube to the baby. The dad was thrilled and soon after, started coming often to breastfeed his baby. His skin had become a bit abraded because of the tape, but that did not stop him from fulfilling his wife’s role in breastfeeding.

Isn’t he an amazing dad?


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