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Music Can Help Calm Your Crying Baby

Having a baby can be a joyful and wonderful experience. It can also be emotionally and physically taxing at times, especially when you are faced with a baby who cries unceasingly.

When I was working in a neonatal intensive care unit, having a crying baby created a lot of problems. The parameters in their readings will become unstable, which may affect the treatment they are receiving. In the unit, one of the measures we used for a crying baby was the “containment” measure. This measure provides security to babies, helping them realise that they are not alone.

However, the "containment" strategy does not work with all babies. I was faced with one of these challenging situations one day. Despite my best efforts, my crying babe refused to be consoled. In desperation, I decided to use one of those mobile musical boxes I had recently purchased. Like a miracle, our "little guy" stopped crying! He was enchanted by the music. His breathing became more regular, and his oxygen saturation returned to normal. It was an amazing sight. The music soothed, calmed, and lulled him to sleep. And guess what? That musical box only cost me $16, but it brought a wonderful calm to a distressed baby, as well as to me.


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