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Tips On Soothing A Crying Baby

Newborn crying is inevitable, and it can overwhelm and stress parents. Newborns can cry for up to two hours – or even longer. Crying is the only way your newborn knows how to communicate. Sometimes to work out what they want or need is easy but sometimes, it can be hard to decipher. Trying to understand the reason for their crying and ways to comfort them might help to cope with the stress.

Our in-house nurse, Sister Susan, of 46 years of experience in maternity wards has provided us with a few tips to share with parents out there.

1) Keep Calm – Getting worked up only adds stress for both of you.

2) Swaddling with a light blanket creates a cozy womb-like feeling to your little one and helps to settle them.

3) Encourage sucking – With crying babies, help them find their thumb, fist or finger for them to suck on as nonnutritive sucking soothes them.

4) Rocking or Swaying – Hold your baby while sitting, this is done best in a rocking chair and gently rock them. Another alternative is to fold your baby’s arm across their chest, secure their arms and with your dominant hand, grasp the diaper area and gently rock your baby at 45° angle, up and down.

5) Music – Playing music whether it’s from Spotify or a musical box will help soothe a baby. It helps parents like you to relax and be patient as well.

If you have tried every trick in the book and nothing works, do not hesitate to call your baby’s doctor.


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