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The 5 S To Soothe Your Baby's Crying

We all know that babies cry but all new mothers and fathers soon learn that it takes time to decipher why they are crying. A baby's crying is very distressing to parents, especially new parents. Most parents tend to assume the cause of their baby's crying is either due to hunger or pain & discomfort.

Well, here are 5 S' to help you with your crying newborn. The 5 S; Swaddle, Side-Stomach Position, Shush, Swing, & Suck was created by Pediatrician, Dr Harvey Karp. This method is now heavily used by nurses & doctors for soothing babies.

  1. Swaddle: this recreates the gentle hug and security of the womb, which increases sleep

  2. Side-Stomach Position: hold your baby on their stomach or on their side

  3. Shush: match the level of shushing to the crying so they can hear the shushing

  4. Swing: swinging & rocking reduces crying, hastens sleep onset, and improves overall sleep quality

  5. Suck: Give them something to suck on like a pacifier, their hand, or your clean finger to suck on

Give these a try & see if your baby stops crying. Otherwise, head to our other article on other ways to soothe your crying baby


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